Advantages of DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)

Everyone understands that noise is an undesirable disturbance in a signal which is able to block, mangle or change and intersect with the signal. That’s why a digital noise reduction (DNR) system has many benefits. Here we will reveal some of them. Advantages of DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)For instance, the most important thing is that when you use a DNR system, you receive not just a cleaner signal, but also a more visually clear image. Moreover, it will allow you to better distinguish between real motion and image noise.

First of all, it results in a possibility to store more video evidence on your hard drive, because the system will deliver a cleaner signal, providing for up to 70% disk space savings. Secondly, the cameras which are equipped with digital noise reduction technology deliver more visually appealing image, which helps to more precisely identify suspects.

Finally, digital noise reduction technology is able to help your camera better distinguish between real motion and image noise, which means that your system will be much more efficient in motion detection, especially in the conditions of inadequate lighting.