Public Safety

Maximize Your Budget—Modernize Your Technology

Mission critical intelligence gives law enforcement the power to access information and collaborate in real time. By integrating voice and data recording solutions, our technology protects you and your team, as you serve and protect your communities.

Mobile Solutions

You work hard to document incidents thoroughly, and iRecord Anywhere allows you to document with high-definition no matter the place or the time. You never want to miss an opportunity to capture valuable information. It’s all about getting the right equipment in place.

Digital Evidence Management

Evidence management is experiencing a digital revolution that will fundamentally improve the way evidence is captured, stored, and shared. The iRecord Evidence Vault provides a secure way to store and share your interview while maintaining the chain of evidence.

We understand the pressures that law enforcement agencies face today.

And we’re focused on identifying and implementing the solutions that will make the biggest difference for your organization. From user-friendly software to help you manage your digital evidence, to intuitive distributed recording platforms and artificial intelligence, our technology helps you gather insight while maintaining compliance.

Building Custom Solutions

As agencies today are facing reduced budgets, we can create custom solutions to equip your team with the technology they need. We’ll even work with you to identify the funding options that can best meet the demands of your budget. Please let us know how we can help!

Interview Recording Solutions

The most valuable evidence for any case often comes down to an interview recording. By making sure your agency’s equipment is up-to-date, you’ll help deliver the most accurate audio video evidence to the court. That’s why we offer free technology consultations, as well as high-quality, intuitive recording solutions.


Emergency Communications Recording

With so much on the line, emergency communications professionals need technology that doesn’t hold them back. A reliable communications logging solution can help ensure that all of your telephone, text, and radio interactions are securely recorded for immediate or future review. It’s incredibly beneficial when your system has the capability to provide strategic insights for your workload.

Digital Evidence Management

As technology has become more portable and powerful, greater amounts of information are created, stored, and accessed. In order to minimize risks and keep all the details of your caseload safe, you need a system that’s organized, secure, and convenient.


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