Integrated AI Communications


Engineered for a New Way of Working

Drive efficiencies up, move costs down, and keep communities safe.

Managing your evidence discovery across multiple departments and unique files can be time-intensive. That’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) communications solutions come into play.

The amount of work your team needs to complete on a day-to-day basis is challenging enough. This is only compounded when budget concerns also come into the mix. Fortunately, our AI tools can help you keep up with the caseload, stay compliant, and build new insights for presenting court-admissible evidence.

Automated Evidence Management

Through our partnership with Veritone, we can rapidly extract actionable intelligence from large amounts of video, photos, audio and documents used in investigations, surveillance, and criminal justice.

From turnkey applications automating evidence redaction and accelerating suspect identification to custom AI-enabled solutions, Veritone helps advance public safety.

Our iRecord software developed by Word Systems, was carefully designed with user-friendly features in mind.

Better Productivity with the Power of AI

Streamlined systems don’t just lighten up your team’s workload—they also benefit your community as a whole. With more time in the day, public safety and law enforcement professionals can focus on the tasks that matter most for the people in their area.

Leave the data analysis to a secure AI solution. Your evidence will be easily searchable across all text, audio, and video content. As a result, your agency can move more quickly on reviews and redactions to present the most accurate and practical evidence to the court.


Save time and increase productivity by automating the redaction of heads, license plates, mobile data terminals, and sensitive imagery in audio and video evidence. With Veritone, you can expedite redaction of any sensitive items, search audio transcriptions to find key info, fulfill chain of custody requirements, and collaborate easily across agencies.

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Digital Evidence Management

As technology has become more portable and powerful, greater amounts of information are created, stored, and accessed. In order to minimize risks and keep all the details of your caseload safe, you need a system that’s organized, secure, and convenient.

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