Digital Evidence Management

Workflow Solutions—Delivered Through the Cloud

As technology has become more portable and powerful, greater amounts of information are created, stored, and accessed. In order to minimize risks and keep all the details of your caseload safe, you need a system that’s organized, secure, and convenient.

More and more agencies are turning to a cloud solution because it gives them the power to review their evidence anytime, and anywhere. Even better, today’s technology and secure online portals makes it easy to share important records and collaborate with all of the parties working on a case.

Intentional Technology

Robust digital evidence management systems (DEM) increase efficiency because you no longer have to convert digital evidence to physical evidence. You don’t have to manually deliver physical evidence either.

With a secure login, you have convenient access to the information you need to share, which speeds up the investigatory process. When budgets are tight, and everyone is doing more work with less time, it’s important to have a process to aid your productivity. With the right technology, we can help you stay on track.

Our iRecord software developed by WSI Technologies was carefully designed with user-friendly features in mind.

Save Money with Better Efficiency

WSI Technologies is a premier partner for NICE Systems, and we’re proud to deliver comprehensive digital evidence management solutions for our clients.

We serve a variety of sectors, including public safety departments, law enforcement agencies, child advocacy centers, as well as other government agencies and emergency communications centers (PSAPs). Let’s team up to review your technology and revitalize the way you work.

iRecord Cloud

Agencies that are ready to improve their process from every angle also need a robust cloud solution for their digital evidence. Now, you can pair iRecord’s innovative software with a streamlined cloud storage solution.
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Save time and increase productivity by automating the redaction of heads, license plates, mobile data terminals, and sensitive imagery in audio and video evidence. With Veritone, you can expedite redaction of any sensitive items, search audio transcriptions to find key info, fulfill chain of custody requirements, and collaborate easily across agencies.


The App For True Interoperability. Now, you can get everyone on the same page and serve your community more effectively. Evertel streamlines communication for public safety professionals, police departments,
fire departments, and even government employees.


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