Emergency Communications

Upgraded Systems

With so much on the line, emergency communications professionals need technology that doesn’t hold them back. A reliable communications logging solution can help ensure that all of your telephone, text, and radio interactions are securely recorded for immediate or future review. It’s incredibly beneficial when your system has the capability to provide strategic insights for your workload.

As your partner, we work to confirm that your systems are supporting your compliance requirements.

Because your site is operational 24/7, consistency is critical. Let our team help you pinpoint the best cost-effective technology solution. We’ll bring our decades of experience to the table and provide ongoing assistance to help keep your communications operations running smoothly.

Never Miss a Beat

A streamlined process allows emergency contact centers to address every situation quickly and efficiently. With clear, accurate recordings, your team will be able to demonstrate their consistent performance and provide immediate insight for incidents that might need additional analysis and escalation.

No matter your location, WSI Technologies is here to help. If your site needs a custom solution, we’ll work together to deliver the technology that will work best for your agency.


Managing a 911 center is becoming more complex by the day. There are the daily challenges of hiring, staffing, turnover, 911 call quality and funding issues. And now, new technology innovations, like next-generation 911, text-to-911 and LTE, are coming at you at an unprecedented pace, along with growing citizen expectations.



The App For True Interoperability. Now, you can get everyone on the same page and serve your community more effectively. Evertel streamlines communication for public safety professionals, police departments,
fire departments, and even government employees.

Digital Evidence Management

More and more agencies are turning to a cloud solution because it gives them the power to review their evidence anytime, and anywhere. Even better, today’s technology and secure online portals makes it easy to share important records and collaborate with all of the parties working on a case.


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