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The court’s record needs to be properly recorded. In order to maintain accuracy, we need reliable recordings and transcripts that clearly document what was said. We understand the importance of capturing the court’s record with high quality audio and video documentation.

The courtroom process, whether on the local or federal level, was designed to uphold justice in the truest sense. These sites are undeniable cornerstones for our way of life. Every room and every need is different. From courtrooms, to city councils and hearing rooms, our tech professionals can create a system that fits your needs and your budget.

Courtroom Recording

Your residents and officials have the right to review high-quality audio and video recordings for cases presented before the court. Whether your site requires quality video arraignment or accurate courtroom audio on the day of trial, we can help.

Audio Recording Systems

In a court of law the spoken word must be recorded clearly and precisely so that it is understood today and into the future. Our solutions provide accuracy and reliability while taking full advantage of all of the digital technology available today.

Public Address Systems

Ensuring that every member of the jury can clearly hear speech from attorneys, witnesses, and judges, as well as any audio evidence presented during a trial, is imperative. Our systems are engineered for sound that delivers optimized audio reproduction, enabling every juror to experience the proceedings with upmost clarity.

Evidence Presentation

Our systems are rapid to deploy, cost-effective, secure, and easy-to-use, and they offer a customizable range of functionality for controlled presentation of evidence, along with options for wireless screen sharing and recording.
Evidence Presentation

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