We’re Here to Help—for the Long-Term

Our client relationships don’t end after installation. We are one call away to answer questions, address concerns, and provide annual audits to ensure operational efficiency with your current technology. Whether that means a system health check for our own products, or a comprehensive review of another existing platform, we’re proud to offer clear recommendations and ongoing customer support.

A highly-skilled and experienced implementation team delivers project management, installation, configuration, test & acceptance, documentation, and training services that fit your needs for years to come.

Addressing Your Compliance Challenges

Word Systems proudly partners with Evertel to deliver streamlined messaging solutions to your team. Although government employees regularly use public texting apps, these systems are actually illegal for work-related communications. Switching to Evertel helps your agency maintain compliance with both the State and Federal records retention requirements.

High-Quality Service Remains At The Core Of Our Mission. Let’s Talk.​

Better Solutions for the Way You Work

Whether you’re in need of new technology to meet growth challenges facing your organization—or you would like for us to review your current system and processes—we’re here to help you meet your agency’s objectives.

Productivity Studies/System Health Checks

During the 40 years of experience, we have collected a very high level of expertise. Our health checks on products we provide can offer a comprehensive review of the existing recording platform and cover the evaluation of the fundamental elements that your system is dependent on to perform optimally. The results of the health check will be documented along with recommendations on best practices and will be presented to you for review.

Technical Design

We believe that Solutions Engineering is the core of our project success. Our Solutions Engineers are experienced and skilled in many different aspects of technology but specialize on a single product line to explore and discover all ways in which you, the customer, can utilize our solutions. We work with many different types of Companies and Public Safety Agencies and not everyone has access to their own technical team. Our Solutions Engineering department is here to support your efforts from imagination to implementation, and beyond.

Compliance Review

In most businesses across a variety of sectors with contact centers, communication needs to be recorded reliably. This is mandatory, and a fundamental requirement for all critical communication streams. Compliance recording involves more channels than ever before and a broadened scope of interactions: from voice streams, text, video, screen activities to content-sharing. Our team of tech experts can review your current practices to make sure you are compliant with the data you are capturing.

Our Clients

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