Interview Room Recording

Find the Right Setup for Your Site

We understand the challenges that agencies face today with budget constraints. Our tech experts will help you design a robust yet easy-to-use system that is affordable. Our team will work with you to implement a streamlined, cost-effective, and scalable solution for your agency.

Start your chain of evidence with the touch of a single button.

The most valuable evidence for any case often comes down to an interview recording. By making sure your agency’s equipment is up-to-date, you’ll help deliver the most accurate audio video evidence to the court. That’s why we offer free technology consultations, as well as high-quality, intuitive recording solutions.

Our iRecord software developed by WSI Technologies was carefully designed with user-friendly features in mind.

From recording and indexing with time stamped private notes, to conveniently sharing your digital evidence with other parties, we can help. The right interview room recording equipment leads to better productivity for detectives—and greater efficiency for managing caseloads.

Minimizing Risks with Custom Designs

Our team of tech experts work to ensure that your site’s custom interview recording room is built to capture the most accurate record possible. When you only have one opportunity to get the interview, it’s crucial to minimize risks from every angle.


With iRecord, you can depend on a system that will showcase the good work you do. Then you can do your job without worrying about the technology.  


iRecord Cloud

Agencies that are ready to improve their process from every angle also need a robust cloud solution for their digital evidence. Now, you can pair iRecord’s innovative software with a streamlined cloud storage solution.

iRecord Anywhere™

A mobile recording solution, iRecord Anywhere™ utilizes the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet and integrates into the iRecord Universe, so users can automatically export files to the Evidence Vault via a wireless network. iRecord Anywhere™ creates high definition, on-demand digital video recordings. With simple touchscreen controls, users have the ability to add searchable notes and data AND easily save the recordings for playback on any PC.


International Solutions

iRecord has built a strong international presence, delivering exceptional interview recording solutions to Law Enforcement (LE) agencies, Child Advocacy Centers (CACs), and organizations combatting human trafficking. Our advanced technology provides reliable, secure, multilingual support, and produces high-quality recordings essential for justice and advocacy efforts.

Mobile Recording Solution

iRecord technology has been integrated into the first mobile child advocacy centers. The units will enable team members to provide a safe place to meet children and families in their own community.


Forensic Colposcope

iRecord is proud to partner with Lutech, the makers of the trusted LT-300 SD and LT-300 HD digital video colposcope systems with auto focus. With a small, ergonomical design, these devices help make image recording less invasive and more streamlined for users.

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