Child Advocacy

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

Interview evidence is an invaluable part of every case, and we’re here to help you create an audio-video recording solution that helps your young clients feel at ease. As the liaison between a child and public safety professionals, your services are critical for uncovering the truth while upholding justice. We can work with you to identify new ways to manage your digital evidence and effectively communicate with your multidisciplinary team.

By integrating our iRecord software with the iRecord Cloud, we provide child advocacy centers with today’s top interview recording solution. Your team works hard, and we want your technology to showcase the good work you do for the children you serve.

User-Friendly Solutions

Whether it’s new technology that all allows you to quickly manage and share evidence, or working with our technical experts to upgrade your environment, our system plays a key role to support the work you do for our children. Let’s make sure you capture every word with high-quality audio video recording.

The technology you use on a daily basis needs to be simple to use, with zero compromises for security. It also needs to be reliable and work all the time. With iRecord, we provide the tools that allow justice to be served, so healing can begin.

Budget Conscious?

With our funding alternatives, we help child advocacy centers implement a cost-effective solution for their daily operations. This isn’t only about the technology—it’s about defending the greater good and making sure communities are safe and our children are heard and protected.

The right investment can streamline your process and make it easier to share evidence with the appropriate parties. Software that allows for better communication means quicker justice for all.

Interview Recording Solutions

We understand the challenges that agencies face today with budget constraints. Our tech experts will help you design a robust yet easy-to-use system that is affordable. Our team will work with you to implement a streamlined, cost-effective, and scalable solution for your agency.


Secure, Storage Sharing & Collaboration

Agencies that are ready to improve their process from every angle also need a robust cloud solution for their digital evidence. Now, you can pair iRecord’s innovative software with a streamlined cloud storage solution.

Forensic Colposcope

We partner with Lutech, the makers of the trusted LT-300 SD and LT-300 HD digital video colposcope systems with auto focus. With a small, ergonomical design, these devices help make image recording less invasive and more streamlined for users.


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