Advantages of SMART IR

If you are able to understand the principle of infrared security cameras, you will also realize all benefits of SMART IR’s. The matter is that when the security camera is working at night, there is almost no ambient light available around, which usually comes from different sources such as street lights, building lights or even the moon – everything is based on the setting.

smart-imageMeanwhile, the infrared LED arrays are able to increase the available ambient lighting, because they can convert photons from the ambient light into the one visible by the camera image. In other words, it simultaneously makes the subject on the camera visible. This is really impressive, because the source of light doesn’t produce any visible light.

Regular IR security cameras are very useful for applications, but sometimes people make similar mistakes, like buying an infrared camera which doesn’t fit their application. If you want to make the right choice for your needs, you should first of all find out the size of the area you want to cover. If you made a wrong choice in terms of a system, you may discover that the video footage is over- or under-illuminated, which generally results in a user seeing hot or dark spots. This happens because the needed strength of the infrared array was misjudged.

With the subject moving closer to or further away from the camera, SMART IR will use auto set up of the infrared light, and this will result in a clearer image.