Courtroom Recording

Accurate Representation—for Every Trial

In the court of law, the opportunities for capturing clear audio recordings are more valuable than ever before. We’ll be better equipped to protect our communities and the judicial process by accurately capturing the court’s proceedings.

On both the local and federal levels, being able to secure accurate digital courtroom recordings is an invaluable part of preserving our judicial system. When your courtroom or hearing room needs a modern upgrade, WSI Technologies is here to help. From high-definition audio or video recording equipment to hearing impaired systems and interpreter systems, our tech experts look forward to providing you with the tools you need to preserve your record.

Every room and every need is different. From courtrooms, to city councils and hearing rooms, our tech professionals can create a system that fits your needs and your budget.

Digital Transformation in the Courtroom

Our products provide one-touch digital recording, (Audio/Video or both), Annotation, Playback, Storage, Digital Evidence Management in one convenient enterprise solution for your recording needs. In a modern world courtrooms depend on having reliable systems to capture proceedings. If your court is ready to upgrade your recording system Word Systems is here to help!


From small and portable, to fully-integrated and installed systems with video, JAVS offers a solution that fits your needs and meets your budget requirements. The JAVS Flex Mics can be centrally controlled through the JAVS innovative software control panel, allowing you to change the pickup pattern, feather-touch pushbutton functions, as well as gain and muting and white noise generation.
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Courtroom Recording

If you are interested in a technology assessment for your courtroom Word Systems is here to help. Our IT experts can work with your team to determine the best course of action for a cost-effective solution to preserve the court’s record.

Digital Evidence Management

Digital transformation allows you to eliminate the delays and security risks of evidence on CDs and DVDs. All of your on-site and virtual interview recordings can be stored, played, analyzed, and shared in the cloud, with full chain of custody tracking.


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