DNR System

Only those who really understand the meaning of digital noise can also understand all advantages of digital noise reduction (DNR) system. In short words, you can regard digital noise as any unwanted disturbance in a signal (which is able to block, mangle or change and intersect with it).

DNR SystemMeanwhile, in signal processing, noise is any unwanted produced information. For instance, you can see it on video signals coming across as fine static or so called “snow”. For some people it is easier to understand the meaning of this term when they imagine that they are sitting in a noisy restaurant talking to a friend. In this example, the conversation or a certain message they want a friend or someone else to hear is the signal. At the same time, all sounds around them (such as music or conversations of other people) will be “noise”.

Finally, it will be easy for them to compare the digital noise reduction system with their brain, because both of them filter out unwanted information or unnecessary background noise. The main target in this example is for them to get the most out of the conversation, or in the case of video signals, to get rid of any imperfections in them.