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It is great customer service that keeps the world going and you have displayed it well! I never have a doubt dealing with Word Systems.


Fulton County

I am very impressed with the overall kindness of everyone I have spoken to. Incredibly helpful and patient.


Lake County CAC

When I call with an issue the technicians seem as interested in the problem and solution as I am, that’s rare. Support is everything, and other vendors could take a lesson from Word Systems.


Columbus PD

I really love working with your company (Word Systems), you have set the bar high for the other vendors and they sorely need your commitment to this.

Tamara Haislip

Priority Dispatch Corporation

We are loving our new system and have received positive feedback from Law Enforcement and social workers who have observed our forensic interviews, Thank You!


Kentucky River CAC

The installation went great, everyone seems to be getting the hang of the system. This is one of the smoothest installs I have ever taken part in. We are extremely happy with the quality of the recordings that we are getting and the ease of use of the system. Thanks for everything.


Washoe County

We first got iRecord nearly a decade ago. I remain convinced it is the best product for its purpose. Although it competes in a market of systems it stands out from the crowd on quality and reliability.


Columbus PD

We had iRecord installed in June of 2018 and can't be happier for making the switch. I am convinced it is the best product for its purpose. The iRecord system has saved hours in downloading recordings compared to our old system and any time you can save money in a police department, makes for a happy Chief.


Department of Public Safety

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