Hancock County Testimonial Letter

Hancock County Sheriff’s Office

Our agency has had the I -Record, One Room Essential since March 3rd. Since that time, we have conducted several interviews utilizing I -Record. This system is extremely easy to use. It enables us to input more detail into the information screen, which makes retrieval much simpler.

Hancock County Testimonial LetterThe quality of the interviews is far superior to our old system. Plus, under our old system, we had to record directly to a disk. If someone forgot to start the recorder, that interview was lost. This system has it in the hard drive. Another advantage is that we can input notes directly into the interview, such as when a confession is made or other important facts. Because it is windows based, on play back, you can chose to go directly to those areas, Without having to fast forward through the whole disc.

Overall, our agency has been extremely satisfied with this system and would recommend it to other agencies with similar set ups.

Another great aspect has been the friendliness of I -Record employees and techs. When we have had a minor issue, someone has been on scene within an extremely short time frame and fixed our problems. Customer service is outstanding.