Hancock County Testimonial Letter 2

Hancock County Sheriff’s Office

Our Agency has recently installed your I-Record system in our investigative division. Since implementing the system, we have conducted several interviews, in a brief time period, and have been especially pleased with the product.

Hancock County Testimonial LetterThe I-Record system is an improvement over our previous system. Our previous system recorded interviews directly to a disk, which created problems when the interviews were corrupted on the disks. The hard drive, which the I -Record utilizes, allows for a larger, safer storage vault and is easily accessed later if needed. The note taking availability is a nice feature, allowing for documentation of key statements or confessions during the interview.

We have found your staff and technical support to very accommodating. The staff has addressed any and all concerns we have brought forth and seem very knowledgeable. I have found this system to be exactly what was needed by our department. We are very satisfied with your product and the staff. We have recommended it to our neighboring agencies.

iRecord, Sheriff's Office