CCTV and Recording Technology Site Visit Report Hawaii State Judiciary, children’s Justice Centers Oahu, Maui and the Big Island, Hawaii December 8, 2008-December 10, 2008

The CCTV and Recording Technology Grant Program conducted site visits to three of the five Children’s Justice Centers in Hawaii receiving grants through an ABA grant program through the Hawaii State Judiciary. The ABA visited: the Oahu Children’s Justice Center; the Maui Children’s ustice Center; the Maui Children’s Justice Center; and the West Hawaii (kona) Children’s Justice Center. The following is a summary of the three visits:

Jurisdictional Information
All three islands have diverse populations comprised mostly of Caucasioans, Asians, Pacific islanders, and Native Hawaiians. Immigrants are primarily from Asia and the Pacific Islands. on both Oahu and the Big Island, there has been an influx of Micronesian Immigrants, specifically from the Marshall Islands, as well as some Hispanic and Laotian migrants.