Why Do You Need a “Bug”

Below you fill find some basic scenarios, where an individual might decide to purchase a wiretap to solve a certain problem. These situations are most common for people willing to buy a “bug”:

  • Why Do You Need a “Bug”The chiefs of different departments and firms may want to buy hidden digital audio recorders or telephone “bugs” in order to check what their workers do. Indeed, a huge number of reports emerged recently from various employers who insist that the reason of their decision to purchase a “bug” is that they suspect their workers in the systematic neglect of duty or maybe even theft.
  • Many people want to use phone wiretapping when they suspect their spouse of infidelity. By the way, in most cases people buying the wiretaps admit that they already know about their spouse’s infidelities, but have to evidence.
  • Finally, many people who come to buy a “bug” employ babysitters to look after their kids. In most cases, parents have doubts about the correct performance of their duties.

The latest research revealed that 30% of people would like to purchase a wiretap in order to solve some of their problems. This comes as no surprise – we live in a technological age and these days listening devices have become more powerful and miniaturized. That’s why no-one can guarantee that you don’t have a wiretap whereby rivals get their data.

You may be surprised to know that the wiretap got its name because, historically, the monitoring connection was a real electrical tap on the phone line. Meanwhile, the government agencies call their wiretapping “lawful interception”.