Learn Quality Assurance & Improvement (QA/QI) Best Practices

9-1-1 QA Training Day Facilitated by:

Professional Trainers:

  • Sherrill Ornberg, ENP, RPL – Foundation QA Director, former PSAP director, past president of Illinois APCO
  • Eric Parry, ENP – National Emergency Number Association, Education Advisory Board Chair
  • Ryan Chambers – Former Communications Training Officer (CTO) from Greensboro, NC

When: Monday, September 18th 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Where: Aurora Police Department, 1200 E Indian Trail, Aurora, IL 60505 (Chicago area)

Cost: Free (limit of 4 people per agency), Lunch included!

The Denise Amber Lee tragedy in Florida in 2008 rocketed to the national attention because of the absolute perfect
storm of errors and mistakes made that day. This story was highlighted on Dateline NBC, Primetime 20/20, Dr. Phil,
Larry King, Good Morning Amber, and the Today Show. The resulting Denise Amber Lee Foundation was the driving
force behind the recently released, first ever, ANSI Standard for the Establishment of a Quality Assurance and Quality
Improvement Program for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). Five foundation board members were on the
national workgroup that crafted the document, including the workgroup Chair, Eric Parry and the author of the
scoring sheets, Sherrill Ornberg. Come and hear these two pioneers and architects of Quality Assurance best practices
and Ryan Chambers, the Foundation’s Director of Program Management as they inspire and motivate to create a
comprehensive quality assurance & improvement processes for your communications center.

PSAP professionals are invited to attend the complimentary 9-1-1 QA Training Day to learn best practices including:

  • The components of the QA/QI program and how to objectively evaluate the performance of public safety
    communications personnel no matter your agency’s size.
  • Why a consistent and effective QA/QI process is vital (legally and professionally) to your PSAP.
  • How to initially create and implement your QA/QI program to insure its success and the staff’s buy in.
  • How a QA/QI program will reduce employee turnover and boost their confidence and performance.

All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion from Denise Amber Lee Foundation.


Register to Attend for Free at: https://911QATrainingDay.eventbrite.com


Download the Printable PDF here!