Interaction Analytics by NICE Systems

Thousands of calls, mails, chat sessions are received and processed by customer centers on daily bases. These try to understand the needs of the customers, their likes and dislikes. This knowledge makes a great impact on companies’ implementation, their effect on the market.

NICENICE Interaction Analytics is a platform that gives an opportunity to companies to monitor hidden information in customer interactions. Modern technology and greater opportunities allow a rapid, positive impact on the users.

NICE Interaction Analytics allow you to check and monitor the following things:

  • speech;
  • call flow;
  • web interactions;
  • e-mail;
  • online chat conversations;
  • customer surveys;
  • agents’ desktop activity;
  • to create a unique view of interactions happening across the organization’s different communication channels;

These possibilities allow companies to do accelerate operations, determine and build a differentiating customer experience and grow income.

NICE uses a lot of cross-channel interactions which are received by contact centers. It shows the conception with which businesses can:

  • grow the operational effectiveness by lowering capacity of calls and optimizing handle time;
  • monitoring customer needs in order to use this knowledge on improving service and customer needs;
  • at a final moment improve the cross-sell and up-sell performance and optimizing the efficiency of marketing campaign;
  • to obtain knowledge in business;
  • collect debts;
  • to fulfill corporate policy and industry regulations;

NICE Interaction Analytics smartly pulls out knowledge from customer interactions by:

  • cross-channel analytics;
  • categorizing into topics interactions;
  • examining customer sentiment and emotions;
  • real-time agent management;
  • analyses of application usage;
  • active alert for avoiding business objectives;