Everything about Voice Logging

Phone recording, also known as voice logging, is when someone regularly records audio from phones, radios, microphones or any other sources. This practice may allow businesses to keep records, make customer service better, and improve security while avoiding mistakes.

Everything about Voice LoggingVoice information is usually stored on hard drives, RAID drives, or SAN storage solutions. Although Voice logging is synonymous with telephone recording, it may also include recording radio and VoIP communications.

Since the practice of voice logging is often used in business situations, there are many benefits in recording communications between a customer and a business partner. Logging voice information is an essential business function for employers, because it provides their employees with examples of good and bad work with clients. Recording has 2 basic modes: the voice-activated (vox), and the one where it is continuous (non-vox mode). In addition, there are 3 types of business recorders: analog, digital, and the software only.