Emergency Medical Service Uses Communication Logging Recorder System

Communication logging recorder equipment allows to connect all phone and radio conversations with EMS. Such operations are offered with an unattended, voice clear, digitally timed recording. Apart from the fact that the communication recordings are kept, they may be easily reproduced and duplicated or removed and reused. Moreover, as a matter of fact evidence on from these conversation recordings can also be admissible in court.

Emergency Medical Service Uses Communication Logging Recorder SystemEmergency services don’t have to rely on the memories of their personnel anymore – with such specialized equipment, they can easily and rapidly check and verify all important information. In other words, it can help eliminate most errors and enhance coordination of EMS. Particularly useful in such cases is the “Call Check Message Repeaters”, for example.

Finally, this equipment allows to protect the EMS personnel from unwarranted complaints or lawsuits related to treatment and services rendered, by recording critical communications between physicians and personnel. Taking into account the fact that all of the recordings are electronically exact, plus with timestamps, you can easily answer the question of when and from whom the personnel received the request, as well as many other facts.